The master’s leap

Legacy & Craft

With a nod to the past and a great vision for the future, Darryl is fulfilling his lifelong dream to craft his own exceptional whiskey, by combining the precision of a whiskey Master and the spirit of Limavady’s namesake

Ireland’s master distiler

A legend isn’t a legend without a hero, right?

Darryl McNally is ours, and rightly so.

The man was born into his family’s bar and he’s a descendant of the original 18th century Limavady distillers.

Lucky for us, he was also born with the passion, determination, and talent to work his way from sweeping distillery floors to earning his place as one of the best damn Whiskey Masters in the world. Over the last decade, Darryl has crafted more award-winning whiskeys than we can remember for large corporate distillers.

But Darryl wanted something more. To create his masterpiece.
To build a legacy. To take his leap.

Darryl’s Irish whiskey checklist

what makes a whiskey world-class
  1. 100% Malted Irish Barley
  2. The highest quality barrels, sourced through close network of trusted suppliers
  3. Attention to detail, each individual barrel is assessed before it is bottled
  4. Skill and experience, crafted over years until it becomes second nature

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